Crisis Expo 2023

Preparing from wisdom instead of fear

2023 is our twelfth year! We have trained and supplied thousands of people at these free events to make sustainable living and crisis preparation a part of their daily life and experience. Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana have had some difficult and expensive crisis’ in recent years. Some of the preparations for times like these are things you can purchase. Some of the preparation is becoming a person with a knowledge and skill base to help you remain resilient. Some of the preparations are based on a level of health and fitness that can be maintained without great expense to those who are able. Some of the preparedness is from emotional and spiritual strength so a person can respond to life with wisdom instead of fear. What are you doing to respond in wisdom to whatever situations come next? Let’s not wait till the last minute and respond from fear.

There is no entry or instructional cost for this event. There may be classes that have a fee for supplies. Doors open to the public for the Expo Hall at 10:00am on Friday, February 10th. The first classes begin at 11:00am and the last class starts at 4:00pm. The Expo Hall will be closed at 5:00pm that day. The Expo hall will reopen at 8:00am on Saturday, February 11th with the first class beginning at 9:00am. The last class begins at 4:00pm and the Expo Hall will close at 5:00pm. The class schedule with times and room numbers as well as a campus map are now linked below.

There will be vendors for all kinds of crisis preparation materials and presentations on things like crisis preparedness skills and gardening techniques for sustainable living, and this year we have expanded our national level vendors. There will be classes on everything from crisis medical care to urban homesteading and will be offered at specific times from 11:00am until 4:00pm Friday and 9:00am until 4:00pm Saturday. Food is available for a nominal fee, on site, in the Expo Hall.

We hope to provide knowledge about having safe water, personal food resources, the ability to safely store food, basic sanitation, and medical care, among other topics. Our homesteading track has been very popular in the past, and we will have a nature and campcraft event that includes an over-night camp out on Friday, February 10th.

Learning to pressure can meat and other canning techniques as well as soap making will also be taught. Registration is required for the canning and soap making classes since they are limited in how many people can be in a class. Please call our venue at (409)883-8905 to register before Friday, February the 10th. There is not a charge for the canning classes but there is a $7 fee for the soap making classes for supplies. Also, to attend the soap making class participants are asked to wear long sleeves, long pants and close toed shoes, and the participants need to be over 10 years old.

One important emphasis is accomplishing all these things with the least expenditure of resources. Preparedness and sustainable living can be incorporated into your daily life in such a way as to eventually save you a great deal of money if done correctly.

Please call if you have any questions,
David Turner
(409) 330-3623 cell