Little Cypress Baptist Church

Little Cypress Baptist Church has an active and growing Sunday School roster. We offer classes for all ages and life circumstances. The main purpose for our Sunday School classes is so we can delight in God and learn more about Him, His Son, and His Word. We enjoy being around others who also delight in Him, and particpating in Sunday School helps us to keep focoused on Him and seeking His kingdom. Sunday School is a time to fellowship with our church family, and prepare our hearts and minds for the Sunday worship service. We invite you to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15am.

Adult One Sunday School

This group offers seven classes for senior adults to choose from. These classes are all involved in studying God's Word as well as times of fellowship. Assembly time is at 9:15am together, Sunday School follows.

Director : Jessie Perry

Adult Two Sunday School

This group of adults meet for assembly at 9:15am in the Fellowship Hall. Three classes branch out of this group for a closer look at God's Word. They experience times of fellowship and growing closer to God through the study of His Word.

Directors: Neil & Sheila Ramsey

Adult Three Sunday School

This class is made up of adults ages 40-50. There are four classes offered in this age group. Included are two co-ed classes and one women's class. All four groups meet together in the LCBC choir room from 9am-9:15am for coffee and announcements. Currently these groups are studying from "Master Work" materials written by well known Bible study authors. Other activities include Missions Ministries, Department Fellowships, caring for and serving each other and those in need.

Directors: Woody & Linda Woodard

Adult Four Sunday School

This group consist of adults 30-40 years old. They meet at 9:15am on Sunday mornings for Bible study and fellowship. This group consist of one Co-ed class and one Women's class.

Director: Ben Hodges

College Aged Sunday School

Colleged aged young people are invited to join us on Sunday mornings at 9:15 am. We use college related materials for our study.

Directors: Eddie & Pamela Neal