Little Cypress Baptist Church

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Adult One Sunday School Class

This group offers seven classes for senior adults to choose from. These classes are all involved in studying God's Word as well as times of fellowship. Assembly time is at 9:15am together, Sunday School follows.

Director : Jessie Perry

The Joy Class

The Joy Class continues to love and serve the Lord through their service to others and the many prayers they lift up for the family of God. Our class welcomes women ages 75 and older.

Teacher: Lynn Caruthers

The Charity Class

The Charity Class is taught by Ms. Gwen Bland and age is not a concern. Members are active in a number of church activities. Those who love to cook work as a team to prepare a meal for church members one Wednesday night a month. Some are members of the Garage Sale Gang who have worked all year selling donated items to raise money for the building fund. Others go to the Sabine House each Tuesday night for our church sponsored fellowship time there and still others participate in the church wide visitation program.

This September, the class will prepare a meal for the Lamar Orange students who are members of the Baptist Student Union. The class has again adopted the children in the CPS system as a Christmas project. We welcome other ladies to come and join us for Bible study and church activities.